Thursday, April 16, 2009

Download Free Tribes 2

When Tribes originally came out, undoubtedly it was a revolutionary step in the online team play genre. Tribes 2 takes the futuristic team play action to the next level and packs many notable enhancements over the previous version. There are many new modes of game play, so no matter what your style is, Tribes 2 most likely has it covered. An awesome new interface has been integrated, which is easy to use no matter if you're playing solo, LAN, or online. Whether you're among the elite of the Tribes veterans or you're a newcomer, Tribes 2 will easily satisfy your need for online-based team combat.

It's hard to determine what category this game actually fits into. It's not purely a shooting game, but it's definitely necessary to have some twitch and shoot skills when fighting with opponents. There is some flight incorporated into Tribes 2, giving it a great deal of variability. Lastly, a lot of strategy is involved in this title. You can create plans of attack, set up turrets, cameras, mines, and much more. This great variety keeps you interested in the game because you're not always doing the same thing like you are in many other games.

System Requirements (Minimum):
Pentium II 300 with GeForce-series card
Pentium II 400 with TNT, TNT2, Radeon, Matrox G400/450, or Voodoo^3
Pentium III 500 with Voodoo^2, 4, or 5, or Kyro Permedia 3
NO software support (see above)

Windows 95/98 with DirectX 8.0a
Windows NT 4.0 with latest Service Pack
Windows 2000
Windows Millenium

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